Threat Intelligence & Correlation

Amid the rapidly increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, organisations need to increase their digital competitiveness by constantly enhancing their network defence through the accumulation of threat intelligence. They also need to make sense of the data collected and connect the dots to maintain a threat-free environment.

Threat intelligence is the gathering and analysis of multi-sourced cybersecurity data using advanced algorithms. By collecting large amounts of data about existing cybersecurity threats, trends and performance analytics on the data, threat intelligence solutions can derive usable data and insights to better detect and prepare for cyber threats.

Effective threat correlation is a key ingredient to proactive protection Рthe ability to defend against not just known but also unknown threats. Event correlation can also be performed as soon as the data is indexed.

An effective threat correlation architecture can withstand the risks and combine the essential security capabilities into a single platform, drastically reducing deployment time, complexity as well as the total cost of ownership.