Omnichannel Functional Test Automation

Software development teams no longer want to be burdened by complex, expensive test automation platforms. The market is moving toward collaborative tools that are open and interoperable, and are frictionless to try, implement, and use.

As such, cybersecurity also needs to become more adaptive using new technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioural analytics, multi-factor authentication, crowdsourcing and security-integrated DevOps (DevSecOps). Automated omnichannel testing is the end-to-end user journey testing across multiple applications and support touchpoints, providing businesses with a 360-degree view in real-time.

It is critical to have a solid and reliable software testing strategy to continuously reduce the speed to market and increase product and experience quality. The platform has to seamlessly integrate with best-in-class tools throughout the DevOps pipeline and allows organisations to scale their continuous testing without compromising web and mobile app quality.