Light to Night Festival 2020

Running from 22-31 January 2021, Light to Night 2021 took the form of a hybrid festival, with both physical and digital components. REVEZ conceptualised, designed, and developed a microsite for the event, including an interactive map and interactive quizzes, to showcase the 5 Civic District partners and over 70 onsite and online programmes.

Inspired by the theme “____-In-Progress”, the concept offered day and night modes, allowing visitors to experience two versions of the microsite depending on the time of day. REVEZ crafted a content strategy and UI/UX design system to drive engagement of the festival programmes, which includes an interactive map.

To complete the hybrid experience, REVEZ also conceptualised, animated, and developed a set of Augmented Reality filters in various formats that empowered visitors to view the artworks from new perspectives, whether they are onsite or at home.


National Gallery Singapore