Automate, orchestrate and get visibility into your release pipelines — at enterprise scale

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Our Features

How Release helps you

Audit & Compliance

Automated audit reports provide a full audit trail and gather evidence for compliance, saving DevOps teams time they would otherwise spend collecting and compiling data for IT auditors.

Complex pipeline orchestration

Manual and automated task orchestration gives you complete control over your entire software release process

Customizable dashboards

Detailed data about your release processes helps pinpoint pipeline bottlenecks, uncover opportunities for automation, and make decisions that will reduce time to market.

Dependency management

Manage dependencies within and across multiple release pipelines, increasing reliability and stability of complex software delivery processes.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Easily integrates with the existing tools in your environment like Jenkins, Puppet, Git, Jira, ServiceNow and hundreds more.

Release automation

Automate manual tasks to help accelerate your delivery process and reduce risks.

Single pane of glass

Improve collaboration with a single source of release status "truth" for everyone involved in making the release a success.

Standardized templates

Control high-level delivery flows and enforce required process steps while allowing teams to automate tasks using the DevOps tools they know and love.

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